Why Choose Us?

Winters Edge Networks is a family owned and operated company, who specialise in the creation and use of QR Codes for various applications.

Each QR Code created has a 100% guarantee that is able to be scanned by any smart device (Phone or Tablet), ensuring the content is able to be viewed by the majority of the public. No typing is required to get the desired information to display on the device.

SNAP INFO is a simple but effective use of QR technology, it is a quick, effective and reusable solution to ensure the necessary contact information is on them if needed. Designed and used within our own family for our kids, and has been tried and tested by over 300 Aussie Kids, and some international explorers! SNAP INFO Bands provides peace of mind for families in large crowded events.

COOLSPOTS provides a direct and simple platform for local business to put their info on the screens of people in the area. Plus the added benefits of being able to display video, audio and interactive features! 

MYBIZ COUPON PROMO is our online platform providing business owners with a simple and easy way to create,edit and update QR Codes. Information should always be current, and MyBiz Coupon Promo is easiest way to keep your client marketing up to date!

Free accounts are available, with all files provided the business just needs to display a sign which can be scan millions of times if required.

Overall it has provided our business with an easy way for our customers and their contacts to get in touch with us. We were so impressed with our QR scan page we use it for our website www.drashauto.com.

Dr Ash
Dr Ash Auto

About Us

Joel Winters

Founder and Managing Director

Winters Edge Networks is an Australian family owned and operated company.

 My brother Kyle and I started the company in 2016 with the vision to help people use the technology they already own effectively so it enhances their life.

CoolSpots was designed to reduce the amount of printed marketing by displaying the content on the public's personal device. With over 85% of the population owning a smart device, people already have exactly what they need to use it. No Apps, accounts or downloads required, quick simple and easy.

SNAP INFO was the brain child of the youngest Winters family member Connor, and provides the plan for if a child finds them self separated. Peace of mind for parents and confidence for kids.

MyBiz Coupon Promo was added in March 2019 to provide our clients with simple and quick way to create and edit QR Codes. We believe that the best information is current and this is the best way to keep things up to date!

We also include additional services such as Logo Creation, domain setup and website building; are always looking for new problems to solve and will happily do custom work.